Saturday, April 1, 2017

And now This Word from Outer Space

Torture-based border control edition:
Sample legislation.

A person found within the United States, having entered illegally, shall:

1. Receive fifty lashes on the back with a cat o’nine tails.
2. Be branded on both cheeks with the letter “B” for “border crasher,” said brand to be two inches tall.
3. Forfeit all monies and properties earned or amassed in the United States, wherever located.
4. Walk from where apprehended to the Mexican border on a diet of beans and tortillas, sleeping in the open.
6. On their journey, ejectees shall pick up trash, cut grass with scythes and other unpowered tools, trim roadside shrubbery, clean rest area toilets, and perform such other tasks as may be ordered, said tasks not to be unduly hazardous.
7. Any person seen with the letter “B” branded on the cheeks who is not a member of a guarded ejectee party may be shot and killed on sight by any U.S. citizen at any time.
8. Idiots may offer ejectees food and water if they like. The penalty for providing ejectees with arms or assisting them to escape shall be death by firing squad, following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military.
9. Any attempt to bribe a guard is punishable by death, following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military. A bribe can be monetary or in the form of goods and services, especially including carnal services.
10. Any guard accepting a bribe shall be executed by hanging following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military.
12. After the great majority of illegal aliens have been ejected, two fences 20 feet tall and 50 feet apart shall be erected on the Mexican side of the border. The area between the fences shall be heavily planted with anti-personnel mines. Motion-sensor-activated machine guns shall be emplaced in such a way as to cover the entire area between the fences with interlocking fields of fire.
13. The President of the United States shall, before the UN General Assembly, tell the President of Mexico to kiss his ass.
14. The organization known as “La Raza” and all similar groups are hereby designated domestic enemies of the Constitution. Active membership in such organizations shall be punished by death.

Announce that and see how long it takes them to self-deport.
The Dark Ages got shit done brought to you by dsc (Any attempt to move a government to the left is a crime against humanity.)


  1. "...person found within the United States, having entered illegally..."
    So why does someone from Canada, Scotland, Serbia, or Hong Kong who overstayed their visa have to make a forced march to the Mexican border eating beans and tortillas, and doing yard work?

    OHHHHHH -- This is about Mexicans.

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  3. يتواجد لدينا الان افضل الخصومات المختلةف الان فى مصر وعلى اعلى مستوى ممكن فى مصر الان من صيانة كاريير التى نقدمة الان وباقل الخصومات الممكن فى مصر من توكيل كاريير الان وعلى اعلى مستوى ممكن من صيانة تكييفات كاريير الان فى كاف المحافظات وباقل الاسعار الت ى نقدنمة الان